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My 52: Week 4 – Street

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An interesting task this one, had to get over a few inhibitions. It’s tough taking photos of strangers for the first time. Various problems arose, in particular I found that I wasn’t paying much attention to camera settings due to the desire to get the framing correct. As a result in various dark places I ended up with a low shutter speed and lots of deleted images for out of focus issues. This could be sorted with faster glass or with higher ISO.

All images have been processed, real world colours are a bit dull at this time of year, though I may try some colour versions.

This is my favourite from the day, the only downside being that it is every so slightly out of focus due to 1/50 shutter speed

The only black and white of the day, this old chap stopped at just the right moment and had a great expression. The only issue is that I had to give this a bit of a crop as he was stood a fraction too far away and running might have looked a bit iffy.

This one has had a very slight split toning effect added, I quite like it but would like other opinions on it.

Another with split toning, again suffering the same issue, ever so slightly out of focus due to slow shutter speed.

I think for really strong images of this nature you need a great subject. A street performer or musician would be fantastic. As it is they are nice, but not something to write home about. Far more valuable is the learning experience of shooting people on the move, I now know to be more aware of shutter speed.


Written by James

January 29, 2010 at 11:50 pm

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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Today was the day of the talkphotography sculpture park meet. Perfect for me, I can be there in ten minutes from walking out of the door. Unfortunately the light was about as inspiring as a puddle of mud, grey skies, no shadows, dreary lighting…. snore.

But enough of the moaning, to the piccies. First off, the golf balls

These three sit near the entrance and the standard shot is to get 10 yards away and get them all in frame. I went for a different perspective, up close with shallow depth of field.

Next up, a sculture of something

I’m tempted to have another crack at this one, I’m certain there is an image in here somewhere and I don’t think I’ve cracked it with this one. Comments/suggestions most welcome.

And finally, a wooden thingy.

No idea what it is, but I quite like the shot so no worries 😀

Overall another good learning experience. I learned a couple more things that don’t work, and realised that I should have taken shots from a bit further away from most of these scultures. I haven’t yet figured out how to make them pop with processing. Loads more images from the day still unprocessed so expect to see a few more over the coming days.

The best aspect of the day was really getting out there and meeting like minded people, I had a good chat with two or three guys from the forum and I expect we will organise something again soonish.

Written by James

January 17, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Shooting for fun

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I had an idea for a concept tonight while consuming far too much chocolate. The new years resolution diet. Full of goodness and full of vitamins, probably.

There might be a good shot in here, but I took it simply for pleasure.

Written by James

January 3, 2010 at 11:15 pm

My 52

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My 52, a challenge for the coming year. A 52 is simple in concept, one image a week that relates to a theme chosen at random taken specifically for the challenge. So how exactly does it work? Well, I’m joining a number of people from the talkphotography forums for the challenge, each of us working to the same theme chosen at random each week from a pool of about 300 or so.

There are no real rules for a 52 since it is a personal challenge, but I intend to try to complete all weeks and I hope to get something with artistic merit from each rather than a simple snapshot to meet the theme. Undoubedly this may be hard if not impossible in some weeks due to other commitments so I won’t stress too much if I miss a week, I may return to an uncompleted week when I have time.

I will be posting all my “52” entries here, with a link to my own thread on talkphotography so you can check out other responses.

Written by James

December 30, 2009 at 11:22 am

Exposure Leeds

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No new photos today, but an experience to write up. A friend of mine (Gav, see his blog in the links on the side) invited me along to Exposure Leeds. Exposure Leeds consists of a group of togs who get together for various activities, ranging from model shoots to talks. Tonight was apparently a bit out of the norm, we had a talk on Photography and it’s impact on Christmas through the years. The talk was given by a chappie from the National Media Museum in Bradford and featured many slides of images taken since the the 19th Century.

Then, togs being togs, we retired to the pub for a good chin wag. I was driving so on the coke, not a real hardship though as the conversation flowed, everything from photography to knitting and anything in between.

Certainly a bit out of the ordinary but I met a great bunch of people, all it seemed called John (no, really, there were about 10 Johns out of 40 people) and I’m looking forward to getting to know them over the coming months.

So, no new photos, but I’ll make the effort tomorrow and see if I can find something interesting.

Written by James

December 2, 2009 at 11:42 pm