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Computer woes

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I’ve got a bit of a drama going on. While trying to sort out a computer issue I’ve managed to completely delete the partition table on my computer. The net result, my hard drive might as well be blank. I’m posting this from another computer as my own is now useless for the near future.

It should be recoverable but I can’t know that yet. I’m not willing to compromise the data on it until I’ve done a complete bit by bit backup which will have to wait until my new hard drive arrives. So, no photos for the coming week or so at least.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I was at fault, but the fault here lies squarely with microsoft. I ran the windows install disk up to the point of partition formatting, but exited before writing anything to disk. Unfortunatly the disk didn’t like that idea, so it erased the old partition table without writing a new one in its place. VERY annoying and someone at M$ will be getting shouted at when I have the time. I confimed this to be the case by running the disk again, to the same point, and noting that once again, without being bidden, it started mucking about with the partition table. Blasted thing, I hate windows. If it wasn’t for photoshop and lightroom I would never use it, linux all day for me.


Written by James

March 12, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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I dropped the damn thing. Gargh. Fortunately I’ve pretty much gotten away with it. The camera body is fine, tip top 100% fine, no damage at all. The reason for that is that the lens took the impact. The glass is also fine, the only problem is the zoom part of the lens. It’s come ever so slightly loose at the long end (55mm, its an 18-55), it isn’t quite stable. This is only apparent when focusing, half press the shutter for focus and the lens moves a tiny fraction of a degree. An observer probably wouldn’t even notice it and it isn’t enough to affect framing, but looking through the view finder you see it happen and it’s just enough to be annoying.

Image quality is not affected at all, I’ve taken a few test shots today and they came out nice and sharp so I’m not rushing out to buy a new lens to replace it, this will be fine for the forseeable future. A good lesson to learn though, glad it happened now rather than when I’ve invested in some good glass. I was getting the camera off the tripod and to be frank I have no idea how I managed to drop it.

Written by James

January 27, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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The Police State

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Rights in the UK are being eroded slowly but surely and a big impact has been felt by those wishing to film or take photographs in public places. It is entirely legal to take photographs or film in any public place in Britain. It is also a legal right not to provide details of your identity or intentions unless you are arrested, and you can only be arrested if suspected of a crime.

With that in mind I encourage everyone to watch the videos and read the articles in the following two links.

In the first is a journalist who had the sole intention of exposing the abuse of the rights granted a photographer in the capital. He is undoubtedly uncooperative and some might say downright rude. When watching the clip I encourage you to remember that the police are there to enforce the law of the land, not to enforce polite behaviour. The police behaviour is despicable.

In this second link we see the recordings of an Italian student. Not a journalist and not intending to be provocative at all this again demonstrates the abuse of police powers now becoming commonplace which impacts upon all those wishing to film or photograph in public, an entirely legal activity.

On a different note, it snowed today, so I’m off to capture some nice images and will post them up later.

Written by James

December 18, 2009 at 10:07 am