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November the 5th

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It came and went, and I took piccies of fireworks. More specifically, Catherine wheels. These are my two favourites after a quick look through. No changes other than to levels and curves.

Technique for these was simple, but involved a lot of guesswork.
1: Position yourself downwind of the Catherine wheels. That way you get a face full of smoke and the images are crap
2. Realise that you made a complete screw up with 1 and re-assess, no longer standing downwind.
3. Set camera on tripod, set ISO as low as it will go, aperture as high as it will go, and focus on something in the vicinity of the firework.
4. Light the catherine wheel and run like hell, camera on bulb and hold down the shutter with a remote release. Try everything from 4 seconds (no no and no) to about 1/5 of a second, and everything in between (in other words, guess). See what works, and take loads, hope for a nice effect.
5. Pretend you knew what the hell you were doing when you get a few nice images.


Written by James

November 8, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Posted in Photography, Photos

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