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Computer woes

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I’ve got a bit of a drama going on. While trying to sort out a computer issue I’ve managed to completely delete the partition table on my computer. The net result, my hard drive might as well be blank. I’m posting this from another computer as my own is now useless for the near future.

It should be recoverable but I can’t know that yet. I’m not willing to compromise the data on it until I’ve done a complete bit by bit backup which will have to wait until my new hard drive arrives. So, no photos for the coming week or so at least.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I was at fault, but the fault here lies squarely with microsoft. I ran the windows install disk up to the point of partition formatting, but exited before writing anything to disk. Unfortunatly the disk didn’t like that idea, so it erased the old partition table without writing a new one in its place. VERY annoying and someone at M$ will be getting shouted at when I have the time. I confimed this to be the case by running the disk again, to the same point, and noting that once again, without being bidden, it started mucking about with the partition table. Blasted thing, I hate windows. If it wasn’t for photoshop and lightroom I would never use it, linux all day for me.


Written by James

March 12, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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Flowers: snowdrops

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There’s something very strange about photographers and flowers. I would hazard a guess that everyone who has ever taken up photography as a hobby and bought themselves a DSLR has, within a day of starting, photographed a flower.

It’s easy to see why: great colours, easily accessible and a good photograph is guaranteed… or so you think. In practice taking an inspirational flower shot is tough, the composition is all important as it is this as much as anything else that will make or break the photo.

With that in mind I present my first serious attempts at flower photography, the snowdrops from the garden.

In this first image snowdrops fill the image, a single flower in sharp focus with snowdrops showing different levels of bokeh depending on where in the image you look.

This second image has a little less going on but follows the same idea, focus is concentrated again on a small area.

The final are is a bit of a departure from the others, the two flowers in the foreground thrown out of focus with a wide aperture while most of the bunch in the background is in focus.

I’ve tried three different variations here and I don’t have a favourite, I like them all. I think preference is mood dependent as much as anything. Feedback, as always, welcome

Written by James

March 9, 2010 at 3:18 pm

My 52 week 9: Play

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Three images to choose from this week, I’ve tried to learn to play the guitar at various times throughout my life. Never managed it, but I keep dusting it off every now and again for another go. The subject for this week seemed ideal for another try.

All images shot at ISO 400 and approximately 1/2 second exposure at around F5. I was hoping for a nice grainy feel to these images, lighting was provided by a bedside lamp aimed reflected off a white wall

Written by James

March 7, 2010 at 10:06 pm