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My 52 Week 3: Chopped

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This weeks 52 throws up another wide open subject: Chopped. Plenty of options, from trees to pork.

I tried out a few concepts and a bit of processing, my favourite images while interpreting the theme are all below. The selective colouring image is simply for fun and it’s outside my own rules for my 52 (or it is for this week anyway).

First up, my main candidate for the week, a solitary pea next to a huge blade. I’ve named this “pea in peril”.

Second, a tree stump

And finally a bit of an abstract, this is what remains after the limb of a tree has been removed. Bit of a marmite shot.

And then my playtime began, and I came up with this

The same technique as used for the coins shot a few weeks back, two layers of the same image, convert the top layer to black and white, zoom into 500% or so, add a layer mask and erase the bits you don’t want in the black and white image so the image below shines through.

What did I learn this week? Photos of chopped down trees are BORING. No idea how to make them interesting other than heavy processing.


Written by James

January 21, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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