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Snow at the lake

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With a full 9 inches of snow on the ground it was impossible to get a car out of our culdesac. This presented a bit of a problem, I was hoping to photograph the lake about 4 miles from our house. One solution, don waterproofs and walk it. Tough going, my boots are not walking boots (big cat boots), and I made the mistake of putting on three pairs of trousers (tracksuit, jeans and waterproofs), the result is that my legs are now aching. 8 miles in the snow is a lot of walking.

The results however, well worth it. No edits at all in the first image, this is how I took it.

This was hard to get, the trees in the bottom of the frame were in the way, I held the camera as high as I could and shot about 15 frames blind, hoping to get the framing right. Fortunately I managed it.

This second image has had a slight adjustment, I brought the exposure of the sky down by 0.6 of a stop, it was a little too white, the camera not able to capture the entire range of colour here. Other than that it is unedited.

I love both of these for the reflections on the lake. I have about 200 photos from the day all told, I’ll be processing them properly tomorrow and will post up a selection of the best, but these two jumped out right away.


Written by James

January 6, 2010 at 10:07 pm

Posted in Photography, Photos

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