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My 52: Week 1 – Curved

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The start of my 52, and the first theme for the year is “curved”. Various ideas came and went: Light trails on a bend on the motorway, bike tires, pleasing lines on a car, all kinds of random stuff. The theme is broad enough that you can crowbar just about anything into it (a nice gentle introduction to the project).

In the end I rejected all those in favour of wine glasses. I experimented with various wine glasses and lighting conditions and eventually settled on the following image.

In fact I ended up with 4 candidate images, I’ve uploaded them all to my flikr account which you can view here.

One criteria I have set myself for the 52 is minimal processing. The goal is not to manipulate images to match the theme but rather to try to take images that capture the theme. Of course once that has been achieved I like to have play, so the photoshopped image can be viewed on my redbubble. The plan is only to include links to my final 52 images in these “52” posts.


Written by James

January 3, 2010 at 5:30 pm

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