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Field in the mist

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One from a few days ago that I only just got around to processing.

There are two main difficulties to overcome when shooting this kind of image. The first is white balance, the second is exposure.

White balance is tricky as the camera will presume all the snow in the image is actually a mid-gray colour and thus make your image look too blue. There are two solutions. One, create a custom white balance by taking an image of an 18% gray card just before taking the photo. The other, shoot RAW and adjust white balance later in software. Two requires more effort but is easier to get right so that’s the option I tend to go for. I shoot raw anyway as I prefer to keep contrast as low as possible, again corrected for in software later.

Exposure is tricky simply due to the scene. It’s all white and bright even when it’s dull so the camera will tend to underexpose. In conditions like this you may need to over expose by 2 stops or more from the camera meter reading.


Written by James

December 31, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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