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My 52, a challenge for the coming year. A 52 is simple in concept, one image a week that relates to a theme chosen at random taken specifically for the challenge. So how exactly does it work? Well, I’m joining a number of people from the talkphotography forums for the challenge, each of us working to the same theme chosen at random each week from a pool of about 300 or so.

There are no real rules for a 52 since it is a personal challenge, but I intend to try to complete all weeks and I hope to get something with artistic merit from each rather than a simple snapshot to meet the theme. Undoubedly this may be hard if not impossible in some weeks due to other commitments so I won’t stress too much if I miss a week, I may return to an uncompleted week when I have time.

I will be posting all my “52” entries here, with a link to my own thread on talkphotography so you can check out other responses.


Written by James

December 30, 2009 at 11:22 am

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