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More Trees

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Last trees for a while I promise, but these are my best to date I think. The chimney in the landscape shot depends on taste I think, I quite like it as it gives balance so I left it in here but I also have a version with the chimney removed for a purer look.

I did make a mistake with these images, as you can see the floor is covered with snow and it was freezing so I was wearing my gloves and inadvertantly nudged the ISO setting to 800. Fortunately the noise was only in the sky and was easy to remove, a lucky escape as these are my best landscape/tree images to date.

I can’t decide on a favourite, I like the idea of the portrait shot as a poster print, but the landscape shot looks perfect for a nice print. A nice black mount would set both off nicely I think.

Edit:  A quick note. I spent a bit of time getting rid of the chimney in the first image and it’s stunning, much better than I expected. I’m leaving this post as is, but if anyone wants to see the no chimney shot have a look at


Written by James

December 21, 2009 at 11:02 pm

Posted in Photography, Photos

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