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Return of the Camera

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I’m unreliably informed that my camera will be back with me tomorrow. Apparently the repair was completed on Friday but not in time for shipment so it went out first thing today.

Much as I would have loved to have had the camera for these three weeks I would say that in the long run my photography can only have been helped. The 300D was the first “entry level” DSLR to hit the market. It’s as basic as DSLR’s are likely to come and so I haven’t been bogged down with features. Point it the right way, get the composition right, get the exposure correct and fire away.  I haven’t played about with fancy presets because it hasn’t really got any.

As a result, I now know the things that I think are worth paying for. Better high ISO performance is great and worth shelling out to get. Fast processing is worth paying for so you can rattle off a lot of shots quickly.  Spot metering would be great. Beyond that, there is very little. You can discuss user interfaces and the only thing I would like to see added would be an ISO display in the eyepiece.

I don’t perceive increased sensor resolution to be of any use, the 6mp of this camera is a nats on the small side if you wish to crop images, but 10mp is plenty. Granted some people will need more than 10mp, but unless you can justify more than 10mp without resorting to ignorance (well, just, because…) you don’t need it.

No doubt there are features on the latest and greatest cameras that I have failed to consider. Image stabilsation possibly, though I think that has more to do with the lens than the body.

For the professional there is no doubt an advantage to having a piece of kit thats is fractionaly better, at increased costs. From my point of view I perceive little value in someone new to photography going much beyond the basics. Spend the money on lenses if you have it.


Written by James

November 23, 2009 at 1:56 pm

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