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The more you know about a subject the better you can become at it. With that in mind I headed to the Library today and brought home the two most interesting looking books on photography. Not exactly the widest choice mind, 5 books in total on the subject and one was just a dictionary.

The first of these is titled “Digital Portrait Photography 101”. Other than pointing a camera in their general direction I don’t really know how to photograph people so am hoping this might give me some insight. The wedding was a huge learning experience and this book might solidify some of the lessons learned.

The second is book called “Tricks of the trade” and for the most part focuses on post processing. It should give insight into giving each image the finishing touches that complete the composition.

Boring post I know, so heres a photo to keep things interesting.

Another bench shot, I quite like these since they leave things to the imagination.

#edit: And now I’m wondering how I managed to get a blue border around the image. Aha, posted it as a link rather than just an image.


Written by James

November 17, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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