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Woke up to find strong winds and pelting rain, not exactly optimal for photography. If I lived near a costline somewhere I’d have loved to be out getting pics of the waves bashing up against the shore, but I live about as far as you can from the sea in England.

So no new photos today. Instead I’ve spent the day trying to improve my workflow.  The trouble with digital photography, particularly with a camera capable of producing raw files, is that my hard drive space is diminishing at an alarming rate. Raw files tend to come it at around 7mb with this 6mb camera, inching up towards 10mb with my own 10mp jobbie.

The challenge has been to figure out a workflow that enables me to select the images I want, export them to jpeg, burn the raw files to a disk and then delete them from the puter.

Today I finally figured this out, or at least got the bones of it sorted out. I know I haven’t got it completely sorted and I suspect I’ll lose my edits to the raw files in lightroom, but that won’t matter as long as I have the jpegs.

The key to all this is lightroom, and I can’t recommend it enough. When I get more familiar with it I’ll expound on its virtues, but its a stunning bit of software that’s usable for a beginner like me.


Written by James

November 14, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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