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After yesterday’s black and white a return to colour from the same shoot, but with different interpretations. In this first we see a bit of a “light tunnel”, facing towards the sun and forcing most of the exposure down nice and dark. I love the effect here. The exposure was 1/320 at F8.0.



In this second image the sun was behind and to the right reflecting far more from the trees. As a result the colours are much brighter. I havn’t done any post processing on these really other than a quick crop of the second image. Exposure here was 1/160 at F4.5


I’m still not convinced I’m hitting focus on these shots, at 100% they appear a little soft to me. However I do wonder if this is simply my eye not being properly trained. I tend to look for detail to judge sharpness, when taking close up shots such as the trees seen below it is instantly obvious if focus is achieved by the level of detail. At greater ranges not so much. I think a couple of 100% crops for some feedback might be useful.


Written by James

November 13, 2009 at 10:50 am

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