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Call me a fool, call me clueless, call me whatever you like. I’ll probably agree with you, because I have done something bonkers. I’ve put my photo of the barbed wire on ebay as an experiment.

Maybe its sentimental stuff, the first non-standard “arty” photo I took, but I’ve had the idea floating around my head for a few days and finally decided what the hell. I’ve listed it as a 12*8 print, shoved a watermark on it and it’s on there for 30 days. Strictly speaking I actually listed 10 of them, it cost me a grand total of 40p. I figure it’s worth 40p to find out, either they sell and I make a bit of money, or they don’t and I lose 40p.

I’m interested to see just how big I could get it printed and still look good. I have no real idea, but given the way it looks on screen I think it might stretch to A3 with no loss of quality. It will cost me a bit to find out though, so I’m gonna see if the 12*8 sells. If it does, I’ll have a go with a bigger one.

For anyone who might be interested the item is listed here.

Then again, if anyone reads this and is interested in purchasing a print leave a comment or send me a message (hmm, need to set that up actually) and I can do a nice little discount for ya :D.


Written by James

November 9, 2009 at 5:12 pm

Posted in Photography, Photos

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