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ISO. A simple thing to remember one would think, and yet somehow I managed to forget it.

On first arriving at the wedding venue last week I got the camera straight out and started taking pictures. I wasn’t keen on using the flash so I set the ISO high (1600, max it goes on teh 300D) and snapped away. Mistake! 1600 ISO on this camera leads to noise, and lots of it. Still, at least when I did start using the flash the ISO was back low.

Or was it… I forgot to change the ISO back from 1600. Trying to concentrate on shot composition, aperture and shutter speed (I have decided not to shoot auto, ever) I forgot about ISO, the result being that large numbers of my photos are grainier than a field of rice.

Lesson number 1 well and truely learned, from now on I will check ISO repeatedly to ensure no repeats.

Lesson number 2, no matter how still you think you are you can’t hand hold a shot at 1/3 of a second shutter speed and expect it to come out well. Especially not when your subject is also moving. Alas, I tried. One has come out ok simply because the blur has caused a funky effect. From now on shutter speed is going to be kept in check.



Written by James

November 3, 2009 at 8:39 pm

Posted in Learning, Photography

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