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A silver lining in the cloud that was my camera breaking. I have been a member of the talkphotography forums for a couple of weeks and started a thread detailing my camera woes when they were discovered. I had hoped that someone might have a fix.

No fix was forthcoming, but as I am a noob to photography it was agreed by myself and others on the boards that I wasn’t in the best position to judge if the problem was lens or body related. The solution, test a different lens. Of course I have no spare lenses so this didn’t seem to be an option. That is until another member discovered that she lives only 15 minutes from my house.

At 11pm at night she sent me her phone number with an offer to help. I met up with her at 11:30 where we tested a different lens and determined that the problem lay with the camera body. This act of kindness was huge enough, but the amazing part was still to come. Knowing that I was attending a wedding the following day this lady just gave me a camera to use! A canon 300D, which I can keep until my own camera is back in working order. She practically forced me to take it.

I am shocked and stunned, she wins the award for the most trusting and kind person I have met. I have been a forum member for only 2 weeks, she has no clue who I am, and yet I now have 150 quids worth of her camera. A nice bottle of wine will accompany the camera when it is returned.

As for the wedding, of around 250 snaps I have maybe 6 that I deem to be good photos. This was a HUGE learning experience for me, I will be so much better next time. The event will be documented in later posts, along with an upload of a few of the pics that did make the grade. I may yet save some in lightroom, we shall see.


Written by James

October 31, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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  1. […] it might be useful to explain how I take some of these images. With the 300D I’m using (see this post) I only ever shoot with ISO 100 to reduce noise as much as possible. This exposure was made at F9 […]

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