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Before I even get hold of the camera I have done much reading around. There are so many resources on the internet to help the budding photographer and I didn’t let the minor details of not owning a camera hinder me.

There are a couple of forums that I have been frequenting but not posting in: the Talk Photography Forums and the ShutterStock forums. The two serve different purposes. Stock photography (something I never knew of until a few weeks ago) consists of uploading images that can help to sell an idea or concept to an agency. Clients of the agency then download the images, and you receive a fee. The fees are small but can mount up if you have lots of images being downloaded directly. Now, I first stumbled accross stock photography when I was contemplating if I could make money myself. I no longer have any illusions on that score, but I still visit that board. The reason is the quality and critique. The photos that are accepted are generally not arty (though they can be) but they are technically excellent. Photos are often put up in the forums and receive technical critique from successful stock photographers.

This serves a great purpose. By reading feedback on countless images taken by stock photographers you start to get an appreciation for what good technical photography is all about. Composition of shots, framing, focus, depth of field and so on. Anything less than excellent gets rejected.

The talk photography forums are far more relaxed. Subject matter is more key, interesting images rather than those that can be used to sell a concept, with no fear about displaying logos or breaching trademark. These are people who take photos because they like doing it.

Reading these two boards has given me a head start when I get hold of the camera. I now know exactly what I need to learn, rather than getting hold of the camera and then wondering what to do beyond point and shoot. My goal in the first week of practice is going to be to master focus. I want to be able to achieve perfect focus or near as makes no difference without effort for moving and stationary, near and far subjects, with varying depths of field. How to do that, well, I’m going to take more photos than you can shake a stick at.


Written by James

October 27, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Posted in Photography

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