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Buying a Camera

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So I’d decided to buy a camera, but I didn’t have the first clue what to get. To figure out where to head I had to consider what my restrictions were. Clearly I needed a D-SLR. Secondly, I need to keep things pretty cheap. My first thought was to look for a second hand camera on ebay, the model that jumped out was the Canon 350D for around 200 quid. The second option was a second hand camera from a friend of a friend. Third of course was to buy a new camera.

Each had positives and negatives. A new camera is up to date, full warranty, no worries, but you pay for that security. A camera from an ebay user is the cheapest, but there is an element of risk and you get an out of date model. A camera from a friend of a friend takes a middle ground, but there is still the worry of usage.

Then I found a fourth option. It turns out that canon sell off refurbished equipment with substantial reductions. You pay what you would for normal second hand gear, but you get a full 1 year warranty. This is the option I took, for ¬£275 I got the Canon 400D refurbished by Canon. The warranty is the key for me, if anything goes wrong I have peace of mind. Canon sell all their refurbished gear via ebay, a user called canon_uk1. The camera arrived today but sadly I am not at home and a family member took delivery. I won’t get hold of it until Thursday.


Written by James

October 27, 2009 at 5:43 pm

Posted in Equipment, Photography

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