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Starting Out

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The first post in the blog, so I better introduce things properly. I’m a 27 year old self employed chappie from Barnsley.  I’ve been contemplating learning photography as a hobby for most of the past year and in the last couple of weeks finally did something about it. I have ordered myself a digital SLR camera, a Canon 400D, and am currently waiting for it to arrive.

Until a few weeks ago I knew absolutely nothing about photography. I now know almost nothing, just a few basics, and I have no experience. So, why blog on photography? Well, this blog will follow my learning curve. Each post will be a bit of a snapshot into my levels of knowledge at the time. Undoubtedly I will get things wrong as any newcomer to any field would think.

The next couple of posts will concern my journey so far, up until I get hold of the camera. Then things should take off in a more lively direction.

Lets see where this thing goes.


Written by James

October 24, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Posted in Personal

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